About us

The Modularize Vision

We believe it’s time that construction projects are run as efficiently as our manufacturing sector. If we look at the evolution of design & technology in other industries (automobile, telecoms, aircraft) it is streets ahead of that in the construction industry. Zero tolerance for mistakes is NOT acceptable in these other industries so why is it acceptable in construction? By embracing smarter construction processes we can build better – it’s time to think differently!

Building site in winter.

Our History

Inspired to "Modularize"

Matthew Egan, Founder & CEO of Modularize fell in love with the efficiency of manufactured construction whilst working with a leading UK modular manufacturer . In one particular project for the Ministry of Defense Matthew saw fully finished modules coming off the production line every 80 minutes.

“A building would be delivered to site, installed, snagged and handed over to the client at the rate of one a week. The process was incredible.”

Matthew would drive home from work passing traditional construction sites, watching them take months to complete, it just didn’t make sense that more people weren’t using modular construction as a solution. In 2011 Matthew launched Modularize to address this problem and assist the construction industry. Modularize’s first project was international, lifting modules into the Amazon Rainforest, and the opportunity for industrialisation of the construction process all around the world became evident.

Designers in high viz.

Our Vision

Enabling Systematic Improvements to Construction

We see industrialised, systematic construction utilising Modern Methods of Construction. Our vision is underpinned by digitisation of the entire construction lifecycle from procurement and design through to asset and facility management. It’s in our bones to lead change. We can only achieve the changes needed by working smarter, working more collaboratively and working with a social conscience.

Together we will fuel a fourth and fifth industrial revolution.

Our Expertise

Our Growing Team

Since 2011, our team has grown significantly to include a team of in-house designers helping you to get your sites through planning quicker, streamline your design process and value engineer from the beginning keeping your project on time and on budget. Beyond that our in house team of DfMA engineers can produce and manage the designs through to production giving the factories exactly what they need. This has become hugely invaluable in ensuring we are able to deliver very transparent and cost efficient solutions for our clients. Our lead design role means our project managers can manage your project from start to finish ensuring a successful offsite delivery and client handover. If you need help developing your offsite product or system or even setting up your factory and processes we also have a wealth of experience. Your offsite solutions are right here.

Whatever your offsite requirement - Modularize has got this. Your Offsite Experts. Come and meet our friendly and experienced in-house team. ”