About us

The Modularize vision

We believe it’s time that construction projects are run as efficiently as our manufacturing sector.

Our history

We exist to enable systematic improvements in the way we build

Having completed his M.Sc in Advanced Manufacturing for Construction, Matthew Egan, worked with a leading UK modular manufacturer for 10 years, falling in love with the efficiency of manufactured construction.

In one particular project for the Ministry of Defense a fully finished module would come off a production line every 80 minutes.

A building would be delivered to site, installed, snagged and handed over to the client at the rate of one a week.

The process was incredible.

Building site in winter.

Solving the problem

Inspired to "modularize"

Matthew would drive home from work passing traditional construction sites, watching them take months to complete, it just didn’t make sense that more people weren’t using modular construction as a solution.

In 2011 he launched Modularize to address this problem and assist the construction industry.

Modularize’s first projects were international. Working in South America, advising on design and development of modular building solutions, our eyes began to open to the huge opportunity for industrialisation of the construction process all around the world.

Designers in high viz.

Leading change

Our vision

We see industrialised, systematic construction utilising Modern Methods of Construction.

Our vision is underpinned by digitisation of the entire construction lifecycle from procurement and design through to asset and facility management.

It’s in our bones to lead change. We can only achieve the changes needed by working smarter, working more collaboratively and working with a social conscience.

Together we will fuel a fourth industrial revolution.


Our growing team

Since 2011, our team has expanded significantly with 20 full time staff.

As offsite experts we are across all areas of the construction lifecycle.

We have a cracking team of offsite architects helping you to get your sites through planning quicker, streamline your design process and value engineer from the beginning keeping your project on time and on budget.

Beyond that our in house team of engineers will take your design through the construction stage, creating your Manufacturing Information Packs (MIP’s) for factory production.

Our project managers will also manage your project from start to finish ensuring a successful offsite delivery and client handover.

If you need factory set up and process development expertise we also have a wealth of experience.

Whatever your offsite requirement – Modularize has got this.

Modularize are different. They offer you the intelligent support you need to deliver your project using 21st century tools like DFMA and BIM with virtual reality visualisation.”

offsite alliance

A voice for the industry

Revolutionising the sector

In 2019, Modularize became a founding member of the Offsite Alliance – a not-for-profit Community Interest Company that has brought together a wide collaboration of makers and shakers who have a vast depth of experience, all working within the Offsite sector.

Through collaboration and action it will deliver the transformation the Construction industry needs. Driving innovation and change.