As an industry we do need to build smarter and that includes the use of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). Finding the right level of MMC for your project is where you’ll lower costs, build faster and make a quicker Return on Investment.

Design Flexibility

Early Engagement

Design flexibility is key to unlocking the full potential of your site. If planning permission is granted without considering the optimal approach to deliver it, you will be hindered by constraints later on. The new Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA) Overlay to the RIBA Plan of Works advocates the need to bring in an Offsite / MMC Consultant in the early Pre-planning / Feasibility Stages to ensure optimal design. We help you to develop your site with the optimal MMC approach that suits your organisational capabilities and site constraints. With the right input and advice the MMC approach can be worked up alongside a traditional approach. This approach means that once planning is granted, the scheme won’t need to be resubmitted for planning amendments as it can already be built using modular, panelised or traditional methods!

Reduce Costs

System Agnostic

Our system agnostic designers and engineers means that we do not shoehorn a particular system or approach into a project, therefore not compromising the design by making it fit the system. We work with you in those early design stages to help you choose the best system for your project and that is how we deliver real value to the project and drive cost efficiencies.

Net Zero Carbon

Designing Responsibly

Offsite designs can come in both traditional and contemporary to meet the requirements of the planning system. A more contemporary design for your housing development can unlock multiple benefits going forward, for example just by eradicating pitched roofs you can increase PV’s & hit the Future Homes and Buildings Standard for energy performance in 2025. Of course there are other ways to improve energy efficiency such as high fabric standards and low carbon heating that act as a stepping stone to the new standard but thinking smarter now puts you on track to meeting this standard and reaching net zero by 2050. Modularize can help you future-proof your houses making sure you are net zero ready by 2025 so you won’t need any retrofitting.

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