Offering services as specialist MMC Lead Designer Modularize work with system manufacturers as well as private and public sector developers. The role varies in respect of the client as described below.

Making design simple


When a system manufacturer is the client

Modularize will often be engaged from RIBA 3 to take designs produced by other architects through to RIBA 4 & 5, using the system manufacturers technical details, methods of production, delivery and installation.

When a private or public sector developer is the client

Modularize will often be engaged from RIBA 0 to assess the feasibility of the scheme and site. The site will then be developed to suit the optimal form of MMC to deliver maximum value for the client. Modularize will become novated to the selected manufacturer to deliver system specific technical details in RIBA 4 & 5 and ensure that the quality of the built is inline with the clients aspirations and design guidance.

Creating the optimal offsite approach


In both forms of engagement Modularize take a lead in the design process, ensuring that the designs are properly co-ordinated to suit the method of manufacture, delivery and installation on-site. The role encompasses the production and management of design information such as reports and drawings. Working with external consultants to provide building physics design and analysis such as fire consultants, structural engineers and MEP consultants, Modularize lead the process of design development, liaising with client, manufacturers and building control bodies to ensure that the finished building has been designed, procured and completed using the optimal offsite approach.

Modularize have been invaluable as a design resource in handling and resolving technical issues, offering insightful solutions and producing accurate and detailed drawings.”