Floodjack International

We partnered with start-up Floodjack International, utilsing our Design Solutions to deliver modular building and jacking systems

  • Client

    Floodjack International

  • Product

    Flood Safe Jacking House

  • Target


How we were involved

The FloodJack housing system is a modular system which integrates mechanical jacks into its structure to enable the entire house to rise very slowly above any inbound flood water.  Modularize designed the modular building system as well as the mechanical jacking system.


FloodJack is now past the prototype and seed-funding stage.  There are over 300,000 homes on low-risk flood planes within the UK.  The FloodJack system is designed to work in areas with 1 in 100 year flood risk.  With 3 pilot schemes now in planning, the Environmental Agency have approved the system and will monitor its performance in real life situations.

The FloodJack house was recently visited at Dudley Collage by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.  Boris made a stirring speech, encouraging the nation to “build, build, build”, to help recover the nations economy after the global Coronavirus pandemic.