Kingsley Composites

We partnered with Kingsley Composites, utilising our design and technology solutions to improve their production facility

  • Client

    Kingsley Composites

  • Product

    Modular Service Kiosks

  • Target

    2000 units per year

How we were involved

Kingsley are a GRP building manufacturer.  Having recently invested in a LeCrob multi axis robot and JJSmith MOBIE ONE automated bridge, the company needed our assistance in order to redesign their existing product to suit their new manufacturing plant.  The product also involved development of design automation software which allowed rapid product configuration as well as “direct to machine” output that enabled the LeCrob robot and the MOBIE ONE to operate seamlessly from the design front end.


Kingsley have now moved into a new production facility, which we also helped to design.  The design and product configurator has slashed their design lead time and further work is required by Modularize to link the design configurator to their ERP system.