With over a decade’s worth of experience in the industry we can provide manufacturing information packs (MIP's) for both offsite manufacturing and onsite construction in accordance with the construction programme. Our well developed network of offsite manufacturers, construction contractors and supply chain means we can ensure the right materials, plant requirements and operatives are deployed in the right place at the right time. This level of information is how we can provide upfront fixed costs at the design stage providing cost certainty at a very early stage of the project.


Introducing Manufacturing Information Packs (MIPs) to the sector has been a game changer.  A MIP is a pack of information that tells each of the manufacturers that we work with exactly what they need to fabricate, procure, assemble and install on-site.  Our unique and intimate knowledge of each manufacturer’s systems and processes allow us to tailor MIPs that reduce lead-times and streamline procurement and production phases of a project.


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Modularize's review included all aspects of the assembly process including layout, capacity, manufacturing and maintenance operations.”