Forward Thinking Consulting

Modularize are not afraid to ask their clients the ‘what if’ questions which is how our forward thinking company bring new approaches to difficult problems by providing innovative and cost effective solutions. Modularize speciliase in all categories of offsite construction and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) from 2D panelised to 3D modular / volumetric systems.

Offsite Categorisation

There are lots of different systems using a range of materials but here at Modularize we believe in ‘the simpler the better’ and we categorise offsite into four groups :-

design with offsite in mind

To incorporate any offsite system you have to design with offsite in mind, so you can ensure the optimum efficiencies throughout the construction stages and life-cycle. Therefore we always promote early engagement and advise all of our clients that we need to be involved from RIBA stage 0. From RIBA 0-2 we work alongside your architect or with are own internal architects. During this phase we look at logistics, transport, suitability for offsite and which system will be suited. We can then advise a manufacturing partner which should also be brought into the team.

When designing an offsite building we need to consider a different set of constraints to a traditional build. Designing buildings for offsite construction requires many non-traditional considerations: among them being the degree of collaboration it requires between designer and manufacturer. At Modularize we bridge this gap by increasing optimisation for manufacturing through Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA) whilst retaining the aesthetic intention.

our Offsite Construction Solutions

Our specialist offsite design services have enabled our business to grow and we now provide global industry advice and guidance across a spectrum of clients and sectors. Our consultancy team help clients in a number of different areas including new product development and systems development with manufacturers, we work with the supply chain to help them make their products more suitable for offsite construction and we also work with governments and both public and private sector organisations to advise them on their MMC or offsite construction strategies.

We thought it would be fun to look back across all our projects over the last decade and see what systems, materials and storey’s (low, mid and high-rise) we have worked on by creating a Word Cloud for all our Offsite Construction Solutions. The bigger and bolder the word appears, the more projects we have completed in that category. Our passion for innovation, technology and industrialising construction will continue to drive the sector forward.

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MMC Consultancy