Making Modular Matter

Affordable Future Homes

Last week was filled with news as the affordable modular homes project starts to take shape in Peckham, South London for the charity Centrepoint. This project, which is first of its kind, forms part of Centrepoint’s Independent Living Programme to provide 300 young people with a home across London and Manchester. The 33 modular homes were built by M-AR Offsite a modular buildings specialist in Hull, East Yorkshire. Each apartment is 21 m2 in size and comes complete with kitchen, bathroom and living space. The programme provides young people the opportunity to live independently with rents capped to a third of salaries making living much more affordable.

Centrepoint affordable modular homes a groundbreaking initiative as reported by ITV News – 15/02/2022

A Flawless Process

Zoe Kennedy, Head of Communications at Modularize visited M-AR Offsite to watch the modules being loaded onto the lorries and transported to site in Peckham. She commented:-

“It was a flawless process aided by the new Combilift crane with Bluetooth control as the modules are placed onto a flatbed ready for their destination.”

Module been loaded onto a wagon at M-AR Offsite factory in Hull, East Yorkshire – 09/02/2022

Zoe also witnessed the modules getting unloaded off the lorries and craned into position when she visited the site in Peckham. As the wagons arrived one by one only, due to restrictive site access, they were quickly unloaded by the onsite team. The installation team worked relentlessly first of all by attaching the lifting beam attached to a 90t crane with 25t Ballast at the rear to the lifting rings on the modules. Once secured the crane carefully lifted the modules off the back of the wagon and into position – the whole process taking only 8 minutes! Once positioned the modules are wrapped in a breather membrane by attaching it to the outside of the insulation to repel any water that tries to enter the modular homes ready for cladding onsite.

Timelapse video of a module been unloaded and installed into position onsite in Peckham, S. London – 10/02/2022

A Sustainable Design

Modularize specialist offsite designers assisted the project team throughout offering architectural and structural design and project management services. The modular homes were not just affordable to build costing £70,000 per home, they were also designed to be affordable to run with predicted energy costs of £100 per annum to heat one of the homes.

The future is bright, the future is modular!