The experts that make us

We are a unique blend of Offsite experts from all corners of the industry. Since 2011, our team has grown significantly to include

Offsite Architects

Ensure your sites sail through planning quicker, streamline your design process and value engineer from the beginning keeping your project on time and on budget.

DfMA Engineers

Who produce and manage the designs through to production giving the factories exactly what they need, when they need it.

MMC Consultants

Our project managers can manage your project from start to finish ensuring successful offsite delivery and client handover.

Our experts leading change

Matthew Egan

Matthew Egan

Chief Executive Officer
  • Not afraid to tackle the ‘what if’ questions and delights in bringing new approaches to difficult problems
  • Tech trailblazer helping the company serve their forward thinking clients with innovative solutions
  • First in the world to gain a Masters degree in Advanced Manufacturing for Construction!
  • If enjoying cheese and wine is a hobby then Matthew is very good at it with a special fondness for dutch cheeses and fondues


Matthew fell in love with the efficiency of manufactured construction whilst working with a leading UK modular manufacturer. He witnessed fully finished modules coming off the production line every 80 minutes and wondered why more people weren’t using modular construction as a solution. He founded Modularize in 2011 to promote offsite construction to the wider industry and has since gone on to be one of the world’s leading global experts. His passion for innovation, technology and industrialising construction continues to drive the company.

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Keith Bennet

Director of Architecture
  • Creative genius not just in the business but outside: blues guitarist, YouTube creator & DIY enthusiast
  • Lateral thinker, natural problem solver and our ‘Go-To Guy’
  • Highly personable sits on the Board of Director for the charity ‘Listening Ear


Keith is an award-winning Architect with over 20 years of experience in delivering a wide range of schemes principally within the residential sector. Keith has a passion for collaborative team building effective problem solving and risk mitigation with the aim of exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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Dave Hughes

Operations Director
  • A pragmatist and no-nonsense approach always looking to create the best outcome whilst trying to reduce friction and waste of taking a project from inception to in-use
  • On a mission to revolutionise the construction industry and change the way we think about our built environment by operating more efficiently
  • Kiwi guy who loves nothing more than exploring the wilderness in his campervan with his wife and two young boys


Dave trained as a Quantity Surveyor in New Zealand and switched to Project Management. He’s had over 20 years in the construction industry with experience of working in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Interested in the how the business side of construction works and the true drivers for projects. Dave has been involved in a couple of technology start-up companies and is a working with Modularize on a new venture called Modnet to revolutionise the housing market.

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Matthew Kelly

Architectural Technologist
  • An “Archi-Tech” Mastermind evolving the future of the construction design process
  • Quick to learn and accommodate new thinking to develop the optimum solution
  • Huge Liverpool Football Club Enthusiast “You’ll never walk alone”


After completing a BSc in Architectural Technology in 2019, Matt worked in  a traditional construction practice before joining Modularize in 2021. Although relatively new to the construction industry, Matt is an instrumental part of the architectural team and his inquisitive nature and interest in technology aids our project design by creating highly efficient and cost effective solutions for our clients. Matt’s impressive Revit skills has allowed our BIM practices in house to grow by linking all the architectural, structural engineering and MEP models for coordination to produce a comprehensive 3D model and digital twin environment.

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Tony Anderson

Architectural Technician
  • 30 Years Industry Experience as an Architectural Technician
  • Passionate about environmental change and a qualified Code for Sustainable Homes Assessor under the BRE Global CSH standard
  • Avid Liverpool Football Club fan and when not supporting his team at Anfield is a Member of the National Trust enjoying country trails and hikes


After leaving 6th form Tony worked as an architectural technician and now has 30 years experience in supporting various projects from concept to completion. Tony has worked cross-sector specialising in social housing, offices, care homes and sure start children’s centers, including rufurbs and new builds. Tony’s enthusiasm for the environment make him a great addition to the Modularize team as we help our clients use smarter building methods to reduce environmental impact. Together we can create a better future based on sustainable design.

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Constantin Ragazan

Architectural Engineer
  • A real fascination in urbanism and refocusing design on the human scale to make places safer, more sustainable and healthier to occupy
  • Bachelor and Master of Architecture and Urbanism at Spiru Haret University in Bucharest
  • Love of nature and how as human beings we interact with the environment positively to minimise our ecological footprint


Contsantin or ‘Raga’ as he is called at Modularize is one of our conscientious and meticulous CAD engineers. Having studied a Masters degree in Architecture and Urbanism he now has more than 8 years experience in industry preparing detailed designs in both Romania and the UK. Raga is very client driven and contributes to meetings as well as presenting design proposals using design software. He also advises our clients on the best use of materials and processes for their projects. He has great technical know-how and is a real asset to the business bringing together ideas to create better places for everyone.


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Chris Khozouie

Lead Software Engineer
  • A passion for all things technology-related and what can be created with them
  • A robot’s mind reading the world in computer binary code
  • Loves to play sports, go to the gym, and always looking out for a competitive chess rival


Chris joined Modularize after he left school in 2014 as their first ever Software Engineer. As the industry moves towards smarter building methods this has given rise to more industrialised and technology driven processes. Chris is responsible for the implementation and integration of technology products and systems including virtual reality, augmented reality, animation, video editing, programming, networking, drones, 3D printing and the list goes on. His innovation and creativity allows him to solve a wide variety of problems for our clients.

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Zoe Kennedy

Head of Communications
  • A natural facilitator always looking to help and better others
  • Fascinated by harnessing the power of communication through the web, social media and technology
  • Love of the outdoors: runner, walker, mountain biker, snowboarder
  • “Go Big or Go Home” is more than just a snowboarding term it’s a way of life!


Zoe has worked in the construction sector for a decade including two volumetric modular manufacturers helping them develop new business in both new and existing markets. Although Zoe has a BSc Hons in Engineering and is currently studying for a MSc in Offsite Housing Construction her background in online marketing and soft skills are what really make Zoe unique. Her positive, amenable and conscientious manner combined with her digital marketing skills is what allows her to build strong and successful relationships.

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Maria Armstrong

Personal Assistant to CEO
  • A passion for organising and love nothing better than a completed to do list at the end of the day
  • With a degree in art, creativity fuels an ability to formulate new ideas and solve problems
  • Favourite pastime is getting lost on walks followed by some good old fashioned pub grub


Before joining Modularize in 2016, Maria was a PA in a high achieving independent school in Cheshire and is very used to organsing and managing daily operations as well as providing senior management and directional staff in administrative support. Her high attention to detail and ability to solve problems makes her a real asset to our busy design and consultancy practice.

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Gaynor Tennant

Non-Executive Director
  • Founder & Chair of the Offsite Alliance driving industry change and transforming the way it builds
  • Often described as ‘a breadth of fresh air’ – her passion and empathy is contagious
  • Extremely driven with an innate ability to maximise success
  • Loves family times with good food and a glass of wine or two !


Gaynor Tennant joined Modularize in 2016 with no previous construction experience. In 2 years she became Chief Business Development Officer and led strategically on the board of directors to help the company quadruple its turnover. Gaynor is now an internationally recognised thought leader and key influencer. Although she still sits on the board and advises Modularize, Gaynor now works full time at the Offsite Alliance where she continues to deliver industry change and transforms the way it builds.

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