Modularize Unveils a New Brand Identity to Reflect their Ethos to Think Smart. Build Smarter

Today Modularize revealed their new corporate brand to reflect its vision ethos to Think Smart. Build Smarter. The company have spent significant time over the last few months refining their vision, mission, and values to give a new found focus that will inspire and continue to deliver project excellence by their expert team. As part of the rebrand, the company have introduced its Think Smart. Build Smarter campaign to enable better ways to build without compromise.

Inspired to “Modularize”

Founded in 2011, Modularize was born from a moment in time that would change a humble engineer’s life and way of thinking forever. Matthew Egan, Founder and CEO of Modularize, was inspired to “Modularize” after working on the largest UK modular project to date procured by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). With fully finished modules coming off the production line and out of the door every 80 minutes, Matthew often wondered why more people weren’t using modular construction as a solution.

Fast forward 11 years and Modularize, now an international offsite design consultancy, spend their days helping clients provide the best solution for their projects whilst creating maximum value.

“Project Allenby Connaught was one of the largest projects procured by the MOD providing Single Living Accommodation for the British Army. With a 62% reduction in time, a building would be delivered to site, installed, snagged and handed over to the client at the rate of one a week. The process was incredible. Why would you build any different?” Matthew Egan, Founder & CEO, Modularize

Think Smart. Build Smarter Campaign

If we use our ethos of ‘Think Smart. Build Smarter’ we can create buildings with greater value and ultimately lower costs for our clients which will in turn enable more collaboration and innovation to drive positive changes for the whole industry.

We believe one of the major barriers to the slow uptake of offsite construction is the lack of understanding across the whole project lifecycle. It’s not just about incorporating manufacturing processes into the design and construction stages to create long-term efficiencies seen by standardisation, its actually understanding how to procure using a manufacturing approach which in turn will help join up the design, client and supply chain relationships to work together more collaboratively.

“At Modularize, we stand against old thinking and embrace a world of innovation through knowledge sharing, learning and wider thinking to Think Smart. Build Smarter. Our new brand really encompasses this new world of construction and we look forward to revealing and showcasing what we truly stand for” – Gaynor Tennant, Non-Executive Director, Modularize

Enabling Construction Leaders to Build Smarter

Our new brand has allowed us to thoroughly investigate who we truly are and identify unifying aspects that bind us and focus our efforts to inspire and drive us to succeed where our clients need us the most. By embracing innovation, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Modularize create new ways of working to allow more productive and collaborative environments.

Creating fully coordinated 3D models that embed ‘manufacturing thinking’ into the production process will provide very accurate cost information and long-term benefits through economies and efficiencies of scale. As an industry there is a real need to evolve thinking beyond design and construction and create fully coordinated 3D models across the whole building lifecycle in order to drive the change we need for a sustainable future and advance digital twin adoption.

By thinking smart we can enable construction leaders to build smarter by providing the best solutions for their projects, always delivering maximum value and leading the way to a new world of construction that will transform the way we build for the better.

We love our new brand and we hope you do too. The future is bright, the future is Modularize.