At Modularize we have deep, sector-wide understanding and knowledge to provide you with the best advice and information for your offsite business case and strategy. We help all parties across the industry develop their business case for offsite application and create an execution plan to bring it to fruition.

A new digital era


Offsite construction provides an ideal environment to gather information that can help to improve the way you build.  The development and deployment of systems that are suited to your organisation’s technological capability as well as your organisational structure is something that we understand deeply.  There is no “off the shelf” BIM system.  There is no tried and tested method of developing and managing Digital Twins.  The combination of software, processes and systems that should be used depend a lot on you and your organisation.  That’s why the first part of any strategic engagement with us will always focus upon determining a scope.  A scope we will work hard at to ensure it leads to a perfect fit for your organisations journey into the digital age of construction.

A battle plan for a better future


Before spending any money on stock, machinery or staff there are many questions you’ll need to answer in order to satisfy lenders or the big bad board.  By demonstrating our experience and knowledge we can help you to run and understand different “what-if” scenarios that provide assurance that your decision making is well tested and robust.  You may need to understand how many modular buildings you can make in a year from a 60,000 ft2 facility, or you may want to determine the right amount of investment you’ll need to 3D print 250 houses per annum.  In offsite construction, there is not much we haven’t already done, and you’ll find us a experienced and intelligent ally as we help to determine the best route forward for you and your business.

A changing sector demands new skills


A new era of construction demands a new breed of professionals.  As the image of the construction sector changes, and morphs into a diversely digitised, offsite powerhouse, you may ask yourself what skills you’ll need to develop within your team to ensure that you don’t get left behind.  Having advised governments, public sector organisations and private companies all over the world, our team has a truly global outlook when it comes to helping to identify, develop and continuously improve the construction workforce of tomorrow.

Modularize have helped us deliver high quality buildings that have surpassed all client expectations, from early modularisation through to detailed construction and site erection plans.”